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A Specialized Sales Team

We place your product in good hands – and directly to your customers

Pharmaceutical products professionally presented
by our competent sales team.

Established firmly among potential customers
Our sales team has for many years been an accepted, expert point of contact for buyers from clinics, hospitals, laboratories, retirement homes, the German Armed Forces, and many others.

The high level of acceptance which our team enjoys is based not only on the sale of medical equipment, clinical consumables, laboratory and research materials, and so on, but on its consultancy services and the development and manufacture of our own products.

Under our brand name of Scholz Instruments we have for several years been a point of contact for the development and manufacture of innovative, high-quality disposable surgical instruments, which means that many specialist departments accept us as their equals.

Quality not quantity
Buyers and decision-makers trust us and trust the products we distribute. For this reason we place the utmost value on high product quality and on comprehensive instruction and training. We want you and your customers to be satisfied.

Core expertise comes first
If your product does not belong to the core expertise and reputation of our own sales team, then we can collaborate with external partners who possess expertise and contacts in a wide range of technical areas.

Do you want to present your product professionally in the right place?
Then talk to us. Our sales manager Mr. Andreas Zeller looks forward to your call or your email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


e.g: Confirmation of Heidelberg University.


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