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Our Start-Up Package

Use our Start-Up Package for your succesful entry

Our Start-Up-Package for your succesfull entry in the german and european health market.

Our Start-up Packages fit all your needs for starting up your business in Germany and Europe!

1. Consulting for the approval and certification of your products for the German and EU market.

The legislation and the eligibility criteria in Germany and the EU are complex and we have the know-how.

Therefore our Start-Up Package includes:

• a first conformance testing of your product
• creation of a "certification timetable"
• market screening (potential analysis) 

2. Inclusion of your products in our product database.
Since many years Scholz Medical operates a central database (Link - Product Database) for optimized order management from clinics, hospitals, nursing facilities and labortories. Purchasing departments from more than 250 university clinics, research laboratories other medical facilities order daily using this platform.

3. Inclusion of your company in our manufacturer directory.
Having already 50 international providers and their products present in our exclusive manufacturer register (with short description, direct link to the site, product filter) and thus are present in all of the important customer groups (Link - Manufacturer's List).

4. Corporate and product communication with our current newsletter.
Comunicate your products exactly where they are needed. Through extensive experience in the branch, Scholz Medical has obtained a large and valuable address pool within the relevent core target groups. Your advantage as a partner: the inclusion in and use of our newsletter is free of charge. (Link - Newsletter)

5. Your products complete with detailed description directly in the client merchandise system.
To offer our clients even a further service, we have developed  our own SAP/OCI interface. With this, your products with all their necessary information can be directly imported into the clinic´s merchandise management system.

6. Accesibility to our complete services.
As a partner of Schoz Medical Consulting & Services you enjoy the access to all of our other services such as Warehousing & Fullfilment, Invoicing & Incasso, Partner Pooling, Marketing Services and last but not least the services of our in-house sales team.

Become a Scholz Medical partner for just 1,500 $ per annum.
Your entry in the European Market made easy. (Agreement PDF) We will be glad to inform you of all the details in a personal conversation. Our international sales coonsultant is looking forward to your call at +49(0)89 - 66 00 89 99 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Sample Agreement Start-Up Package Scholz Medical Services & Consulting